How Much Does a Boogie Board Cost?

A boogie board is a piece of equipment that is used for bodyboarding. “Boogie board” is a term coined by Tom Morey, who invented this short, snub-nosed surfboard. The average boogie board usually consists of a short, rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam, sometimes containing a short graphite rod within the core, known as a stringer. While boogie boarding and surfing have the same goal of riding waves, surfers do it while standing and balancing on a surfboard and bodyboarders do it while lying down on the board. Some people may also rise up to their knees when on a boogie board.

The cost

  • Just like surfboards, boogie boards vary in price depending on the brand and the quality. The average costs usually run around $40 for basic models to over a hundred dollars (for sophisticated boogie boards).
  • Boogie boards can range in size as well as design, and they can be bought at local stores or through the internet. Sites such as sell different boogie boards starting from $27 to $119. However, common prices drop and range from $40 to $70. Exact prices depend on the design, size, features and the material used in making the board.
  • The same price range is supported by the price comparison service website However, cheaper boogie boards which are priced less than $15 are featured as well. A 26″ boogie board with a leash, for example, costs $11. This leash is used to keep the boogie board attached to the rider. If the rider falls off the board, he will easily be able to retrieve it.
  • There are boogie boards made in smaller sizes for kids. These boards feature a handle which the rider can grab in case he is falling off. These child size boogie boards usually range from $10-$30.
Boogie Boarding

What is included

  • When buying a boogie board, there are things that you need to consider in order to get the best one you can find. One of these considerations is to use your height and weight to determine what size and style you should choose. Each boogie board will have recommendations for the size of the person meant to ride it. Before buying one, you should make sure that your height and weight are appropriate for the boogie board you are looking to buy.
  • You should also choose a boogie board that has a good core. Look for a flexible dow/polyethylene core for cooler waters. If you plan to boogie board in warm-water areas, a polypropylene core is great.
  • Depending on your skill, you can purchase boogie boards with additional features. For example, you can opt for a board with “channels” for excellent wave control and to promote the ability to “hold” on to a wave longer. In addition, you can buy a board with a crescent tail whenever you are ready for steep waves.

The extra costs

  • Body board accessories. For a more effective usage of your board, you need to make use of different accessories. Body board wax, wetsuit and wetsuit change mat are just few of the many accessories of which you can make use. The said items and a lot more are sold at different retailers and in some online stores.
  • Shipping fees. If you buy your boogie board online, you might be the one to shoulder the shipping expenses. Because of the size and shape of the board, it may be more expensive to ship than other items.

Factors that influence the price

  • The material used for the boogie board
  • The size of the boogie board
  • The additional features of the boogie board

Tips to know

  • Basic boogie boarding is much easier to learn than surfing. It is also a lot safer; that is the reason that most beginners and travelers opt to hone their boogie boarding skills first before learning to surf with an actual surfboard. Boogie boarding is also ideal for those one vacation that do not have time to learn how to surf but want to experience it.

Saving money

  • If you are just learning how to ride a boogie board, it is advised that you buy an inexpensive one first; after mastering the activity, you can then buy a sturdier and more expensive board. This also gives you the opportunity to see if you like the activity or not. If you buy a board for a hundred dollars and then found out that you do not enjoy bodyboarding, you are just wasting your money.
  • Shop around (both online and at local stores carrying sporting goods) for affordable yet quality retailers of boogie boards. Look for sales at the end of the summer season.